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Real News': Obama and States to Announce New Gun Control Measures Month After Sandy Hook


President Barack Obama is set to announce Wednesday his plans on gun control after establishing a White House task force on gun violence headed by Vice President Joe Biden after the shooting massacare at Sandy Hook Elementary school in December. CNN reports that the package of gun control proposals will include a ban on assault weapons, restrictions on high-capacity ammunition magazines and strengthening federal background checks of people attempting to buy guns. The New York Times reported Tuesday that Obama could use up to 19 executive orders as part of his plans on new gun control policy.

The news of executive action comes as some states are already moving on new gun laws this week. The New York Legislature approved a gun control bill put forth by Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo Monday night that tightens restrictions on gun sales, bars ammunition magazines that hold more than seven rounds and closes gaps in a 2000 ban on assault weapons. Governors in Colorado and Connecticut--where two of the deadliest shootings in recent memory took place in 2012--have also called on new, tougher gun control measures to be passed in their state.  USA Today reports that eleven states are currently considering new gun restrictions, while eight are considering new measures on school-safety and seven on mental-health. At the same time, the report finds that six states are currently considering loosening gun restrictions.

On 'Real News' Tuesday the panel discussed this divide, and why despite the hype, most states only talk about new regulations without actually ever passing anything.

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