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Tom Brokaw: It's 'Far-Reaching' to Think You Need Guns to Fight Back Against the Government


"If we get to a stage where storm troopers show up on your doorstep..."


Tom Brokaw AP

NBC's Tom Brokaw said Thursday it's "far-reaching" to think the American people need guns to fight back against the government.

Brokaw said on MSNBC's "Andrea Mitchell Reports" that one of the main arguments pro-gun advocates cite -- that the Second Amendment is meant to protect against a tyrannical government -- is pretty outlandish.

He said he agrees with retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal who supports "serious action" to curb gun violence and said military-grade weaponry doesn't belong in civilian hands.

"The response to that was, ‘I have to keep my weapon because the government's going to come and try to take it away from me, and I have to be able to fight back when that happens,’” Brokaw said. "Well that’s the most far-reaching thing you can possibly imagine."

He continued, "If we get to a stage where storm troopers show up on your doorstep, it’s about a lot more guns, by the way, it’s anarchy in this country.”

(h/t Mediaite)



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