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Is Obama Already the Greatest President of All-Time? Watch His Supporters Give Some Surprising Answers


"First and the smartest..."

President Barack Obama's supporters are about as loyal and passionate as they come. In fact, as MRCTV's Dan Joseph found out at Monday's inauguration, many of his supporters believe he will go down in history as the greatest president of all-time, edging out presidential heroes like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington -- and he just started his second term.

Joseph asked Obama supporters one very simple question: "Where do you think President Obama will rank in terms of presidents when the history books are written?"

The responses were very telling.

"Number one," one woman said, adding that he is better than Abraham Lincoln.

"Number one and Clinton number two," another woman said.

One female respondent said Obama will go down as the second best president while former President Bill Clinton ranks first. She said she had "plenty of money when Clinton was running."

The president will probably be remembered as the best president, but "time will tell," a man responded.

Obama ranks right up there with Lincoln on "social issues," another respondent said.

"The first and the smartest," one woman said matter-of-factly while waving a flag.

Obama will be remembered for "bringing America out of debt," according to a female respondent. Another woman said the president accomplished everything he promised he would.

Watch the entire video via MRCTV:

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