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James Carville on CNN changes: 'It's kind of the Fox Five model


A bomb fell on CNN yesterday with its new president Jeff Zucker shuffling its morning lineup and letting go of several contributors.

Among them were married couple James Carville (Democrat) and Mary Matalin (Republican). Carville told The Daily Beast that he's "not surprised" by the changes:

“It makes perfect sense to me,” said Carville, who, in a friendly phone conversation 10 days ago with Zucker, was told that CNN’s pundits will be on-camera in studios in Washington and New York instead of from remote locations like Carville and Matalin’s  New Orleans. “It’s kind of the Fox Five model," Carville said, noting that he is plenty busy with speeches and international and corporate consulting. "I’m not surprised he wants to bring in his own people. I think he has every right to.”

Presumably by "Fox Five model," Carville is referring to Fox News's reliance on in-house contributors, rather than remote pundits, to provide political analysis on a rotating basis.

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