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Wayne LaPierre: Obama Trying to Take Away Rifles, Shotguns & Handguns and Create a Universal Gun Registry


"I don't think you can trust these people."

National Rifle Association's executive vice president Wayne LaPierre on Sunday said the Obama administration is trying to take away rifles, shotguns and handguns and create a universal registry of gun owners

"During the campaign when [Obama] said to people, 'I will not take away your rifle, shotgun, handgun,'" LaPierre said on "Fox News Sunday. "They leafleted the country with flyers, 'Obama's not going to take your gun,' 'Obama will protect gun rights' and now he's trying to take away all three."

Host Chris Wallace said, "He's not taking away shotguns."

"Have you looked at the Feinstein bill that he's supporting?" LaPierre said. "That's exactly what it does. I think what they'll do is they'll turn this universal check on the law-abiding into a universal registry of law-abiding people."

Wallace said there is "no indication" whatsoever that the White House wants those things.

"Forgive me sir but you take something that is here and you say it is going to go all the way over there," Wallace said. "There is no indication...there is nothing that anyone in the administration has said that indicates they're going to have a universal registry."

"And Obamacare wasn't a tax until they needed it to be a tax -- " LaPierre said.

" -- it was the Supreme Court that said it," Wallace said.

"I don't think you can trust these people," LaPierre said.

LaPierre testified on Capitol Hill last week in strong opposition to background checks. He repeated his criticisms Sunday, saying universal checks would amount to a bureaucratic nightmare that would "affect only the law-abiding people. Criminals could care less."

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