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Texas Gun Shop Owner Not Happy With CNN, Piers Morgan: 'They Completely Misrepresented What I Wanted to Get Across


"They just chopped it up so bad it wasn’t even funny."


Tactical Firearms

CNN host Piers Morgan, a vocal gun control advocate, traveled to Katy, Texas this week to supposedly learn about guns at a local gun shop and shooting range. Morgan chose Katy's Tactical Firearms as the location for his show Monday where he interviewed the owner and delved into the contentious gun debate with guests like Ted Nugent and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

But Jeremy Alcede, owner of Tactical Firearms, claims CNN "completely misrepresented" the message he wanted get across, KIAH-TV reports.

Alcede said he was excited that Morgan appeared genuine in his desire to actually shoot and learn about firearms. Many have been critical of Morgan's strict anti-gun stance given the fact that he has very little experience handling firearms.

Jeremy Alcede, owner of Tactical Firearms (KIAH-TV)

He recounted what Morgan told him: “He said, 'well, I’d like to learn more about guns. People criticize me, saying, how can I be against guns if I don’t know anything about guns?'”

“I said man, this is going to be really good, he really is wanting to find out," Alcede said.

Unfortunately, the owner feels like he was misled by CNN and Morgan. Alcede argues that CNN told him the segment would be aired live, but it wasn't. He also says the network edited and chopped his remarks up so badly that he wasn't able to get his point across at all.

“They completely misrepresented what I wanted to get across, completely," Alcede said.

He went on: “The points that I did make were just garbled to the point that people were asking why was I speaking in broken sentences, and I said, look back at the video and you’ll see, in one instance I’m wearing glasses, one I’m not. One hearing protection, one not.  They just chopped it up so bad it wasn’t even funny."

CNN did not immediately return calls from KIAH-TV.


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