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You're Going to Wish All Your Weather Reports Came From This 9-Year-Old


"I see, it's just a normal map."

Chief Meteorologist Hutch Johnson for his KVLY 5 p.m. weather report each week has invited a "Scheels Weather Kid" to assist him.

This past Thursday was 9-year-old William Hallman's turn and after watching his suave hand gestures to the map and honest responses about the weather, you're bound to want someone like him give your report everyday.

William Hallman presenting the evening weather. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

At one point the official meteorologist asks Hallman if he sees anything snow on the radar. His perfect response: "I see, it's just a normal map" (a.k.a. no snow).

"Where is it snowing?" Johnson asks then.

The astute 9-year-old notes that it is snowing "in the Great Lakes area from Chicago to Toronto."

Stay tuned later in the video to see how excited he gets about snow on Sunday. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

At one point when describing the rainy conditions in the southeast, Hallman is doing such a great job, Johnson asks if he has done this before.

"Um a little bit," Hallman said.

Watch the report for yourself and see if you wouldn't agree:

(H/T: Gawker)

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