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You'll Never Guess What’s Killing Cars Parked at Denver’s Airport


Hint: it's fluffy

(Image: CBS Local)

Travelers leaving their cars in the Denver International Airport parking lots might return to find their vehicles damaged by an unlikely culprit -- bunnies.

CBS Local reported airport shuttle driver Michelle Anderson saying she saw dozens each morning hopping under cars to huddle where it's warm. From there they're known to chew through the ignition cables, causing hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of damage.

CBS Local reported that repairs are the responsibility of the vehicle owner and that most insurance companies don't cover rabbit damage.

The bunny problem is bad enough that the airport is taking action against them. Measures include new fences to prevent burrowing and perches for hawks and eagles, which would prey upon the rabbits. CBS Local reported that some drivers are using coyote or fox urine on their wires as a deterrent. It also stated that the USDA Wildlife Service removes at least 100 bunnies from the airport area each month.

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Featured image: Nikola Bilic/Shutterstock.com.

(H/T: io9)

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