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Mother Outraged After 4th Grader Brings Home 'Adult-Themed' Homework About Infidelity


"That's not a subject matter that the school needs to bring up to my child."

(Photo: ABC15)

(Photo: ABC15)

A 4th grade student at the Playa Del Rey Elementary School in Arizona said she was "a little shocked" when she opened up her homework assignment last week.  Not quite the reading material the 10-year-old was probably used to, the worksheet asked her to explain what was happening in a situation where a woman finds another woman's hair clip under the bed.

"It was shocking that [they] would actually put that on a 4th grader's homework," Kyera McCloskey told ABC 15 with precocious maturity.  "I kinda had my mom help me with the answer a little bit, because I didn't want to go too deep into what the question was trying to ask me..."

In the end, she wrote: "The husband had cheated, and he was in big trouble."

When Kyera's mother Heather Nicks informed the school district, she was told the teacher hadn't written the assignment, and merely skimmed it before passing it out.  The teacher immediately apologized to all the parents in the class, and the school denounced the assignment.

But Nicks still wasn't pleased.

"If my kid turned in an assignment and they skimmed it, they'd get in trouble for it, they'd get a bad grade," she said.  "That's not a subject matter that the school needs to bring up to my child."

Here's the ABC 15 report:

But TheBlaze was left wondering -- if the teacher didn't write it, who did?  What curriculum is this school using?

A school representative informed TheBlaze over the phone that the assignment was not part of the school curriculum, which the board approves, but was part of an online curriculum that the teacher had used in the past with "great success."

The teacher had utilized all the board-approved materials to teach inferences and, as she is allowed to do, sought additional outside material.

"She downloaded a worksheet, but unfortunately she read the first two scenarios but did not read the last two," the Playa Del Rey Elementary School representative told us.

The assignment has since been removed from the website, she said, but declined to provide the name of the site.

"This is not condoned in any way," she concluded, noting that the school has repeatedly apologized.  "We'd like to be done with it and move on."



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