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Resigned: WH reporter says it's 'point of principle' Obama has 'less incentive' to speak with press


That the White House blocked media access to President Obama during his weekend golf trip would likely have been nothing if it weren't for Ed Henry, president of the White House Correspondents' Association. He released a statement Sunday complaining about it.

Since then, many media critics have said... it's still nothing. Howard Kurtz of The Daily Beast and CNN said the press needs to give Obama "a break." Two politics reporters described the ordeal to me as "silly."

Maybe. But this one's a little troubling.

The Washington Post's Scott Wilson was among the White House reporters who traveled to Florida this weekend for Obama's vacation. He's quoted in an analysis of what happened by his colleague Erik Wemple...:

“It’s just a point of principle,” says Wilson, noting that we’re talking about a “second-term president who has even less incentive to have us around. That’s why it happened this weekend the way it did.”

Implicit in Wilson's comment is that it's expected (normal) for the president, who is no longer campaigning for reelection, to feel unmoved when the press complains about access.

So... everyone can go home?

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