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Beck Talks Gun Control With Columbine Survivor Who Wrote Scathing Letter to Obama (Plus: Bill O'Reilly Weighs In)


"The initiatives that Obama put forward clearly hinders the average American citizen from protecting the same time, it enables criminals..."

Evan Todd, a Columbine survivor who released a powerful letter to President Obama against gun control earlier this week, appeared on Glenn Beck's television program Thursday to elaborate on his letter and discuss what prompted it.

After introducing his guest, Beck asked Todd what he was feeling during the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary.

"It was like living it all over again, the same feelings as [the day] Columbine happened," Todd, who was shot during the school massacre, said.  "The fear, not knowing what's going to happen, helplessness, and just watching it unfold and knowing that there will be innocent lives that are killed..."

He explained how he was asked by the shooters why they shouldn't finish him off, and how he replied that he'd been kind to them and everyone else in the school.

But Todd was left asking the same question that Beck says has been nagging him: how could somebody do this?

"It was evident that it came from our culture and what is put out there," Todd said.  "Everything from the video games to even abortion plays a huge subconscious factor in the value of human life."

After Beck noted that Todd is a brave man to assert those points, the two discussed President Obama's stated solutions.

"Point by point, the initiatives that Obama put forward clearly hinders the average American citizen from protecting themselves," Todd asserted.

"It makes it harder to get a gun, it makes it more expensive to get a gun, the magazine the same time, it enables criminals on the other side," he added.

Watch the entire interview, which also includes Todd's explanation for why he didn't tackle the shooters with a pen like Colorado state Rep. Joe Salazar suggests women do with rapists, below:

Beck proceeded to discuss gun control and the apparent devaluing of human life with Fox News host Bill O'Reilly.

When Beck asked O'Reilly what he thinks the Obama administration's "end game" is on gun control, O'Reilly said he doesn't mind state laws that target the problem, but is opposed to a federal overhaul.

The two jokingly bantered about whether President Obama will be done at two terms, and whether by the end of it the administration will have rounded up all the guns from law-abiding citizens, before turning to the issue of human life.

In New York, O'Reilly said Governor Andrew Cuomo is "barbaric."

"They want to legalize late-term abortion for any reason," he said, claiming that a migraine headache or hangnail is sufficient justification, and that a nurse practitioner can sign off on it.

"[But] it's not about Andrew Cuomo," he continued, "it's us. We're turning into barbarians [as] Americans. We don't care."

"It's going to take a disaster now, economically probably, to turn people away from their narcissism," O'Reilly concluded.  "It's not that they're bad people, they're apathetic, they don't care."

Watch the entire exchange, below:



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