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Obama's Mess': Just What the Sequester Fiasco Needed...An Explosive PAC Ad


"Dumbest political argument in DC"

As the automatic spending cuts (i.e. the sequester) set to take effect on March 1 quickly approach and Washington, D.C., ratchets up its hand-wringing doomsday rhetoric, we wondered: What else could be added to the drama?

How about a Super PAC ad?

Good news, everyone! Crossroads GPS has got us covered:

“The sequester is Obama's mess. Don't help him clean it up,” reads the video’s description.

Well, the president did play a role in this political soap opera, but he wasn’t alone:

Yes, as TheBlaze mentioned a few days ago, "the sequester is the result of a deal struck by Congress in 2011, the president signed off on it, and now no one wants to take responsibility for it."

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