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Chris Christie 'isn't playing a character


It's fast becoming Chris Christie news week.

Liberal comedian and HBO Real Time show host Bill Maher offered praise for the New Jersey governor on his blog. He wrote Monday:

[D]espite the sizable portion of America who wants to hear "We're the greatest country in the world! With the greatest people in the world! With the best health care!" I still think that's the minority. More and more, Americans want authentic. They want to hear at least a little truth. That's why Chris Christie is so popular, despite being kind of a prick: because people finally sense that he's a guy who isn't playing a character. That's the actual man. And he's hungry for change. Also baby back ribs.

It was reported yesterday that Christie... hasn't been invited to speak at CPAC. And we also posted a photo of him sitting next to Michelle Obama, having a toast at the White House Sunday for the National Governors Association Dinner.

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