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Egyptian Cleric's Bizarre Claim: Christianity 'Originated in the Worship of Penis' -- and Check Out His Views on Christian Women


"[Christian women] raise cats and dogs as a substitute for husbands."

Photo Credit: YouTube

Earlier this month, Egyptian cleric Ahmad Mahmoud Abdullah offered some intriguing theories about how Christianity came to fruition. In a Feb. 13, 2013 appearance on Al-Omma TV (also spelled al-Ummah), the religious leader said that the faith originated in the worship of male genitalia. Abdullah, known, too, by followers as Abu Islam, also charged that Christian women train dogs to act as substitutes for their husbands.

"I swear to God the almighty, and I am not lying that the church worship originated in the worship of penis. I swear to God. This is documented in dozens of pictures," he said during his on-air sermon. "Let me tell you something -- it's indecent, but true. Take a look at a picture of Jesus and you'll see a penis, right there...There are many pictures like this. They worship it."

Photo Credit: YouTube

Islam also said that Christian women train dogs to act as replacements for their husbands. While it's unclear what, exactly, he meant, he was, no doubt, attempting to further make disparaging comments about believers.

"[Christian women] raise cats and dogs as a substitute for husbands. They train their dogs to play the husband. I swear to God I am not lying," he continued. "They buy dogs for this purpose. They train dogs to play the husband on them. Christian women do that."

See these bizarre comments, below (based on a translation from MEMRI):

As TheBlaze noted earlier this month, Abu Islam, the owner of Al-Omma TV, is no stranger to controversy. Recently, he alleged that female protesters on Tahrir Square "want to be raped." And, according to Al Arabiya, he has faced legal hurdles for ripping a Bible apart in front of the American embassy in Cairo following the release of an anti-Islam film last year. 



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