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If We Give You a Set of Instructions for YouTube, Want to See the Crazy Thing That Happens?


Step 1. Turn on your speakers volume or put in headphones. If you're in a public place, don't turn the volume up too high.

Step 2. Go to YouTube.com.

Step 3. Type in the search bar "Do the Harlem Shake."

Step 4. Boogie

Now if you were not playing along (it's Friday so have a little fun) we've put together this video to show you what happens if you didn't want to go through the steps and see the surprise yourself:


If you're utterly confused about what's going on, YouTube has created its own version of the viral trend the "Harlem Shake." The trend took the video sharing site by storm in February with groups from the U.S. Army to a university swim team to the Miami Heat making their own dance videos.

TheBlaze has more details about the viral nature of the Harlem Shake and its dance components in this previous post. We've also recently brought you the Harlem Shake on a plane that is now being investigated by the FAA.

This isn't the first time Google, which owns YouTube, has put together a surprising twist in its products for users.

Here's another fun one if you missed when it was going viral in 2011.

Step 1. Go to Google.com.

Step 2. Search "Do a barrel roll."



Featured image via Shutterstock.com.

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