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Norway State TV Airs Report Saying That Its Government Funds Anti-Semitic Palestinian Propaganda


In a country tarnished by anti-Semitism, one would think Norwegian lawmakers would at least refrain from getting involved in the conflict at all, rather than double-down on it.

Norwegian state TV has aired a report from an Israeli group saying that the Norwegian government regularly funds anti-Semitic, Palestinian propaganda.

Norway has a long, dubious history when it comes to supporting anti-Semitism. While it may have reached its apogee during the Holocaust, little has changed today and it rarely comes as a shock when flagrant anti-Semitic and anti-Israel sentiment is elevated as truth in the country that, ironically, claims to stand for peace and tolerance.

To provide context on just how marked the negative bias and perception of Jews in Norway is, professor Alan M. Dershowitz once noted that Norway has done "everything in its power" to make life "nearly impossible for Jews."

"Norway was apparently the first modern nation to prohibit the production of Kosher meat, while at the same time permitting Halal meat and encouraging the slaughter of seals, whales and other animals that are protected by international treaties," Dershowitz continued. "No wonder less than 1000 Jews live in Norway."

Underscoring this disturbing state of affairs, the Norwegian government gives over 300 million Kroner each year to the Palestinian Authority. Much of that money goes to fund Palestinian television, which consistently disseminates anti-Semitic content and incites violence -- even among Palestinian schoolchildren -- against Israelis.

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), an invaluable organization based in Jerusalem that provides translations of Arabic-language media content coming out of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas-operated centers, reported that finally, Norwegian state television has acknowledged its government's funding of Palestinian-driven anti-Semitism.

In the video provided, Norwegian TV NRK interviewed members of PMW as well as Palestinians in Jerusalem's Old City. Not surprisingly, they discovered that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion -- the most notorious work of anti-Semitism drawing on age-old blood libels (such as the canards that Jews used the blood of Christian children for the Feast of Passover, poisoned wells, spread the plague and seek to rule the world) -- are alive and well and taken as absolute truth by everyday Palestinians.  

Norway's State Secretary, Torgeir Larsen, speaking about an in-depth book compiled by PMW chronicling Palestinian media's consistent incitement and use of blood libel, admitted to the bigotry, but will do naught to stop it.

"There are examples in the book (PMW's Deception) that clearly express hatred," he admitted. "There are also examples of anti-Semitism, which you find in Palestinian society." But, he added, it is "not relevant" when it comes to halting "Norwegian financial support to the PA." Larsen claims Norwegian funds merely go toward the building of Palestinian institutions.

Author Asgeir Ueland conversely noted that anti-Palestinian media "hardly ever the mainstream [Israeli] media." He added that in 16 years of analyzing Hebrew-language media, he "cannot remember [anything] being broadcast on radio, television or in major newspapers" that incites hatred towards Palestinians. 

In a country tarnished by anti-Semitism, one would think Norwegian lawmakers would at least refrain from getting involved in the conflict at all, rather than double-down.

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