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Weaponized Paper Airplanes? You Got to See It to Believe It!
(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Weaponized Paper Airplanes? You Got to See It to Believe It!

"These projectiles are fast and pretty heavy."

Who would weaponize a paper plane? Yes, you guessed it: We're onto another video from the Slingshot Channel's Joerg Sprave.

As he puts it in his YouTube video description, "paper planes are fun, but harmless." Anyone who has gotten a paper cut from folding one might beg to differ, but Sprave sets out to take it even a step further.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Sprave starts off by folding a mighty fine paper plane and sends it sailing. But it's not a weapon, he says.

"What we need is inertia."

To solve this problem, Sprave snips off the tip of the plane and attaches a nail in its place.

He whips the plane toward a target and demonstrates how it "nicely sticks" inside a cardboard box.

"Not bad, but that's not good enough," he said.

To improve stability of the plane, he folds it to have less paper behind it with more seems. This version is also "pretty good."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

You might have guessed Sprave wanting to take this even further. He brings out a slingshot -- it is called the Slingshot Channel after all -- and bends the nail into a hairpin shape in order to effectively use the rubber band.

"With the right super narrow paper plane design, the bent nail becomes a veritable mini arrow, also called a 'Pana or "Flechette,'" Sprave wrote in the video's description. "These projectiles are fast and pretty heavy. Combined with their excellent penetration, they are truly lethal."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Amazingly, the plane goes completely through the cardboard box with the paper still inside when sent flying with the slingshot. Testing it on wood, the nail goes in so deep Sprave says he doesn't think he could remove it without pliers.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch "lethalizing paper planes," including footage of his "maximized" plane:



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