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What's the Future for Drones and Local Law Enforcement?


On the heels of Senator Rand Paul's filibuster, it should be noted that Attorney General Eric Holder's initial determination that the president would have been able to to kill U.S. Citizens without due process also would have applied to Federal Law Enforcement agencies including the FBI, DHS…the forestry service (Holder has now backed down and clarified).

Still, the advancement of drone technology will undoubtedly change law enforcement tactics forever. In a world in which speed limits are already enforced in some places by aircraft, is it long before there are drones above every highway checking speed limits and issuing tickets?

On 'Real News' Thursday the panel discussed how the use of drones in law enforcement could open a can of worms in our legal system, and how the country may try to handle the delicate balance between civil liberties and security as this new tool becomes readily available.

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