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George W. Bush's Painting Teacher Predicts: He'll 'Go Down in the History Books As a Great Artist


"I would say, 'Mr. President you know that you don't do it that way.'"

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Former president George W. Bush's painting teacher is speaking out.

Georgia artist Bonnie Flood said she spent a month with Bush teaching him to paint. It turns out the former commander in chief is pretty talented with a brush.

"He has such a passion for painting, it's amazing," Flood told WAGA-TV. "He's going to go down in the history books as a great artist."

Flood, who's based in Cumming, Ga., holds occasional workshops in Florida, which is where Bush connected with her. She packed up her supplies and, for one month, spent six hours a day teaching him the finer points of mixing paint and proper brushstrokes.

Images of some of Bush's paintings were revealed last month after several Bush family members had their email accounts hacked.

"He started off painting dogs. I think he said he painted 50 dogs," Flood told WAGA. "He pulls out this canvas and started painting dogs and I thought, 'Oh my God, I don't paint dogs!"

Flood said there was one initial -- and basic -- question: what to call her pupil. She quickly figured it out.

"I called him '43' because that's the way he signed his paintings," she said. "When I really wanted him to do something, I would say, 'Mr. President you know that you don't do it that way.'"



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