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The Exact Moment a Crazy Critter Crashes a Soccer Match and Bites Player


​"In hindsight, it was obviously foolish of me..."

It wasn't a wild goose chase at a Sunday Swiss soccer match, but it was close. Instead, it was a wild marten chase.

During the match between Thun and Zurich, a marten decided to crash the party and have his way on the pitch. The fury little creature evaded capture on several occasions. In fact, at one point the referee whistled play to restart after the animal finally ran off, only to have to stop it all over again after the animal decided it hadn't had enough time in the spotlight. That's when Zurich player Loris Benito had enough. Benito decided to capture it and carry it off, and paid the price with a bite on the picture:

But that wasn't the end! Even after Benito corralled the creature and carried him off, it reappeared. That led to one of the goalkeepers -- with his gloves shielding him from bites -- catching the marten again and bringing him off once and for all. Of course there is video:

"In hindsight, it was obviously foolish of me [to try and catch it]," Benito explained after the match. "Who knows what diseases the animal had. But I wanted to play the match and now I simply trust my immune system."

Zurich ended up winning 4-0.

(H/T: Yahoo)

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