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Gun Girl' Confronts Dem. Rep. at Town Hall With Tough Question -- and He Literally Refuses to Answer


"Why aren't you pro-choice when it comes to self-defense for women?"

With Colorado's efforts to regulate gun rights in the national news, and Congress now considering similar legislation to tighten controls on the trafficking of guns, plenty of Democratic politicians have found themselves confronted with tough questions, to which they sometimes give embarrassing answers. One Democrat, however, apparently thought the fix for this was to not answer the question at all.

Enter Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.), who was asked one of the more pointed questions about this issue at a recent forum on preventing gun violence by Celia Bigelow, a woman described derisively by Piers Morgan as one of the "gun girls." He not only failed to answer the question, he didn't even try. He refused. Watch below:

"Why aren't you pro-choice when it comes to self-defense for women?" she asks.

His response: "On to the next question. I'm choosing to move to the next question."

CNS News also caught Moran dismissing gun rights supporters who fear a ban on guns as "paranoid." Watch that interaction below:

"I can understand that there's always going to be people who are 'paranoid' over government attempting to intrude into their life and there are no plans to go after handguns, although I do support legislation that would limit the purchase of handguns to no more than one a month, which seems to be reasonable," Moran told MRCTV.

Many of Moran's constituents, being from the deep blue northern region of Virginia, would be unlikely to disagree with most of this. However, his comments (or lack thereof) will almost certainly be used as further ammunition by conservatives to demonstrate the evasiveness of his ideological camp.

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