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Coulter: Republicans 'Pissed Away' Senate Races 'Through Narcissism, Greed or Stupidity


On Chris Christie and the sequester: “Even CPAC had to cut back on speakers this year by about 300 pounds...”

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter (Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Author Ann Coulter speaks during an address to the 39th Conservative Political Action Committee February 10, 2012 in Washington, DC. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

National Harbor, Md.-- Conservative author Ann Coulter said Saturday that some Republican losses in Senate races of the last election were caused by "narcissism, greed or stupidity" on behalf of the GOP's candidates.

"The reason we don't have the Senate is because Republicans keep screwing up," Coulter said in her speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Certain Senate races were "just pissed away though narcissism, greed or stupidity," she added, referring in particular to former U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin in Missouri for his "legitimate rape" comment. "We can stop encouraging candidates to show off for the base," she declared.

Coulter also chastised the GOP for rewarding celebrity status to candidates who lose elections.

"Where's Howard Dean's TV show?" she asked rhetorically, referring to Fox News's penchant for hiring failed Republican candidates as either show hosts or contributors. She used former Sen. Dennis Kucinich as an example of one Democrat who is now employed by a TV network (Fox News). "And that was only after Keelber let him out of his contract."

Though Coulter's speech hit on many of the issues the author is known to tackle, it was filled with a number of similar scathing and quick one-liners.

On the effects of sequestration, Coulter said “even CPAC had to cut back on speakers this year by about 300 pounds," a reference to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's absence from the event. On the so-called "war on women" and political activist Sandra Fluke's cry for taxpayer-subsidized birth control, Coulter said Fluke's haircut is "birth control enough."

During a question and answer session at the end of her speech Coulter was asked about CPAC organizers' decision to not invite Christie to speak in an official capacity.

"Did you see his [Republican] convention speech?" she said. "It was bad." She went on to criticize Christie for supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Watch Coulter's entire speech, via Mediaite:

​TheBlaze's Erica Ritz contributed to this report.

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