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Brent Bozell: Complaining about liberal media bias isn't unproductive


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said in September that he wouldn't "complain about coverage of the [Mitt Romney presidential] campaign because, as a candidate, if you do that, you’re losing." Brent Bozell, chairman of the conservative Media Research Center, says that mentality is the loser.

"They say that and then at the end of the year, they blame the media for their loss," Bozell told TheBlaze at the Conservative Political Action Conference just outside of Washington, D.C., on Saturday. "I remember George Bush in '92 having that attitude until the last month of the campaign. And there he was with signs, 'I don't believe the liberal media.'

Bozell added, "People don't want to go in that direction and I've heard Mitt Romney say it... 'If you don't like it just buy the network.' Which was kind of a silly statement but yeah they took the long knives out and Mitt Romney will probably be the first one to tell you about the hatchet job they did on him. And they did. They treated him viciously. Say what you will about his politics but it was not right what [the news media] did to him."

Christie is, of course, one of the most popular governors in the country. He's up for reelection in New Jersey this year and he's believed to be a contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.

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