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Caught-on-Camera Moment Between a Guy and a Girl at a Basketball Game Goes Viral


A classic couple's dillemma

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

It might sound harsh at first -- denying your girlfriend a bite of your mint chocolate chip cone -- but we'd venture to bet many have been in a similar situation before, whether it be as the refusor or the refusee. You know, the she got salad he got fries, now she wants "just a couple" fries situation?

A couple in a similar dilemma was caught on camera at Tuesday's Indiana Pacers vs. Orlando Magic game in Indianapolis. The contested food item is the aforementioned mint chocolate chip ice cream. He's holding the waffle cone. She has a spoon ready to dig in as he's focused intently on the game. But wait, he actually was ready for her move and pulls the cone away -- twice.

"Ice cream guy" is in trouble now. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

She gives him the "I can't believe you just did that" eyes. He gives her the "I asked you if you wanted your own" look.

Notice how the look of shock and surprise at being denied turns into ...(Image: YouTube screenshot)

...the puppy dog "please" face. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

As is usually the case in the male-female "I just want a bite" fight over food, she wins out with a taste.

Watch NBA Highlights' Isaiah Thomas and Chris Webber give their own analysis of the interaction:

(H/T: Gawker)

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