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Yes, Here Are the 'Best' News Bloopers From March


From a weather man riding (and falling off of) a backwards broom to the on-air "kiss attack" the reporter deflected like a real "professional"...

(Photo: YouTube/NewsBeFunny)

There aren't many people who do their jobs while being recorded for all posterity.  In that regard, reporters deserve a little bit of credit.  Their on-the-job mistakes and uncontrollable laughing sessions undeniably make for good television, which is why TheBlaze regularly features the funniest bloopers in any given time period.

From a weather man riding (and falling off) a backwards broom:

(Photo via YouTube/NewsBeFunny)

To the on-air "kiss attack" reporter Brian Mullahy deflected like a real "professional":

(Photo via YouTube/NewsBeFunny)

To uncontrollable laughter prompted by a (very inappropriately) mispronounced name:

(Photo: YouTube/NewsBeFunny)

Today, we bring you the best of March 2013 from "NewsBeFunny" (mild content warning for language and adult themes):



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