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Brutal Mugging of 56-Year-Old Woman on NYC Subway System Caught on Video

Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube

​Editor's note: See update below.

The woman walks down a flight of stairs in a New York City subway station, closely and quickly followed by a hooded man.

When she reaches the bottom, he lunges for her. When she tries to run, he pulls her back, brutally throwing her to the ground and kicking her.

He rips away her bag, dumping its contents onto the ground and rifles through it. She manages to break away, her attacker chasing behind.

Police on Tuesday released surveillance video of the brutal mugging, which took place at 2:40 a.m. March 9 at the 18th Avenue F train station in Borough Park, Brooklyn. Incredibly, the 56-year-old victim sustained only minor injuries, according to the New York Times.

The suspect is believed to be in his 20s and about 150 pounds, the New York Post reported. He wore a dark hooded sweatshirt with the fraternity letters Alpha Phi Delta and the word "Stugots" on the back.

According to the Post, police have identified the suspect but are not releasing his name, and are questioning a "person of interest."

​Update: Gothamist reports that 21-year-old Aidan Folan has been arrested and charged with robbery and assault in the second degree after someone recognized him from the surveillance video. A Gawker commenter identified what appears to be Folan's Facebook page, which says he studied broadcast journalism and works as a counselor at the Center for Family Life in Brooklyn.

(H/T: Gawker)

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