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Newt will probably go to the zoo when he tries out Google Glass


Only the few people who have been selected or paid a fee will be the first to try out Google's new Glass product and Newt Gingrich is one of them.

Promotions for Glass, a type of interactive computer for the eyes, show people doing fun things like video chatting with their friends, recording things as they happen and getting mapped-out directions in exotic locations. Newt sees those possibilities and more. So much more. Like reducing the size of government, for example...

He writes in his weekly newsletter:

If you have read Gavin Newsom’s book Citizenvilleas I recommended in my newsletter last month, you might already be imagining the possibilities for decentralizing government: “OK glass — report this pothole.

"Imagine every rescue vehicle and ambulance having Google Glass so the patient or injured person could be seen by the doctor in the emergency room right from the scene of the accident and while riding to the hospital.

Newt, wild about animals, also has a special place to take the Glass: "For our first experiment we will probably take them to a zoo."


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