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Michael Jackson's Doctor Sings About Santa Claus, His Life During Bizarre Anderson Cooper Interview


"He's the little boy that Santa Claus forgot..."

Image: CNN.com

Tuesday night on CNN's "AC360," host Anderson Cooper spoke with Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's former doctor (Murray is also the man found guilty of killing Jackson in 2009).

Image: CNN.com

Cooper was hoping to gain some insight to the civil suit filed by Jackson's family against the concert promoter AEG Live. Jury selection in the trial started on Monday. It is the Jacksons' assertion that the promoters are responsible for Dr. Conrad Murray's treatment that was ultimately blamed for Michael Jackson's death.

During a jailhouse phone interview with Conrad Murray (he's currently serving a four year sentence for involuntary manslaughter), Cooper's show captured what may be one of the strangest moments ever seen on live television.

And Anderson Cooper managed to get Murray to do something he did not do in his murder trial -- testify.

Before this interview, Murray's attorney claimed that her client intended to invoke his 5th Amendment right and avoid answering any questions that might incriminate him or possibly have an effect on his appeal. However, Murray spoke about his reasons for giving Jackson the drug propofol, as well as his hopes for the appeal he has filed. He also rambled on a bit about his hopes to "contribute to humanity" and "continue with my philanthropic traits to help mankind."

About the 6:45 mark, Cooper asked the jailed doctor, "His children are now suing AED Live, there are some people who say, if you really cared about them, why not testify about what you know in this lawsuit?" Murray explained that he believed Michael Jackson would be embarrassed by what his family is doing and said that he had stories to share about Jackson (if he were to testify).

That's when the interview went off the rails and Murray decided to sing a song that he says describes his life.

"He's the little boy that Santa Claus forgot.

And goodness knows he did not want a lot

He wrote a note to Santa for some crayons and a toy

It broke his little heart when he found Santa hadn't come

In the streets he envied all the lucky boys

But goodness knows he didn't want a lot

I'm so sorry for the laddie who hasn't got a daddy.

He's the little boy that Santa Claus forgot."

During the song, Cooper could not control himself.

Image: CNN.com

As the singing continued, Coopers eyes were darting left and right. Perhaps he was looking for someone to step out of the shadows and let him know this was a delayed April Fool's prank?

Watch the strange twist unfold.

Murray's attorney may have realized how strange things were going and stressed that he should not be talking about the trial.

The full interview can be seen here:

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