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Which Democrat and Former Top Obama Official Does Bill Ayers Consider a 'Right-Wing Troglodyte' Pushing 'Jim Crow'?


​"Of all the terrible dreadful stuff he has done, this is absolutely the worst."

(Screengrab via YouTube)

(Screengrab via YouTube)

Former Weather Underground radical and self-admitted domestic terrorist-turned progressive education activist Bill Ayers blasted Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in an impromptu interview with conservative columnist William J. Kelly this week.

He called Emanuel an "absolute right-wing troglodyte" and criticized his recent decision to close 54 public schools.

"Closing the schools is the worst thing he has done," Ayers said. "Of all the terrible dreadful stuff he has done, this is absolutely the worst. The indication that the Democrat Party is so corrupt and so incapacitated is here we are in Chicago with a Democrat mayor, a Democratic governor, and a Democratic state legislature and still all they do is close public schools, close public housing, sell off the public space, including the parking meters and the skyway to the billionaires who are their best friends. So it is a tragedy."

Ayers also predicted that Emanuel would "absolutely" be a one-term mayor in Chicago. "In terms of popularity, he doesn't have a chance," he added.

"But he didn’t have a chance last time. What he did have and he still has is his billionaire friends," Ayers said. "So he’s got Penny Pritzker, he’s got all the wealth of the North Shore. He’s got all the Hollywood money and all the DC money. So he may well buy the election as he did last time."

Discussing Emanuel possibly running for president, Ayers scoffed:

"If his record as Mayor sticks with him he doesn’t have a chance. The fact is look: in Chicago, we have Jim Crow education and Rahm Emanuel is the engineer of Jim Crow education. It’s always been a problem but the problem has only intensified. Here were are with Rahm Emanuel - Rahm Emanuel closing schools. Rahm Emanuel dictating what school reform should look like. First, he says it is for budgetary reasons. Then he says it is for the good of the kids.Tell me how you can have a school system with 175 schools with no library? Would Rahm Emanuel send his kids to a school with no library?  Hundreds of schools with no arts program. Would he send his kids to a school with no arts? Now he says we are going to close this school so we can have a library in that school. That’s an absurdity. He’s been running the schools for the last several years. Why don’t we have libraries? He did that."

Watch the video via the Washington Times:

(H/T: Fox Nation)

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