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What Did Football Great Kurt Warner Tell Us About 'God's Grace and Power' and His New TV Show?
Photo Credit: USA Networks

What Did Football Great Kurt Warner Tell Us About 'God's Grace and Power' and His New TV Show?

"A big part of what I've learned is that God can do amazing things wherever our shortcomings or limitations are."

Tonight, on USA Network, a new reality show is set to launch, however it's not what you might think. Rather than featuring bickering, cursing and other edgy aims at entertaining the masses, "The Moment" will take an entirely different tone. Hosted by former football great Kurt Warner, the program will be inspirational in nature, giving nine participants a second chance to pursue their dream job. TheBlaze spoke recently with Warner to learn more about his role in the show.

The Super Bowl-winning quarterback explained that viewers who watch "The Moment" will have the opportunity to root for contestants as they face both challenges and personal victories. Fans will see nine people from diverse backgrounds being offered the chance to recognize a past dream that they, for whatever reason, were never able to fulfill. A press release explains some examples of the stories that will be shared through the series:

One woman always dreamed of being a professional sports photographer, but played it safe as an office administrator after closing her own photography business due to a bitter divorce.  Another participant started on the path of becoming a football coach but he sacrificed a promising career to support his widowed mother. A successful racecar driver had to abandon his career when his sponsor stuck him with their racing expenses which forced him to work as an auto sales trainer to pay off his debts.

Photo Credit: USA Networks

Participants were nominated for the show by friends and family members. Knowing how personal these hopes and dreams were for the nine participants, those close to them were the best equipped to push their participation in "The Moment." These individuals won't just have an opportunity thrown their way; they will need to be properly prepared.

Contestants will go through a two-week intense training session from an expert mentor and then they will, once again, have the chance to try their hands at their dream jobs. It's what the show refers to as being potentially "the most important job interview of their lives."

TheBlaze recently interviewed Warner about how be became involved in hosting the intriguing television concept.

"The producers were familiar with my story and with the premise of what 'The Moment' is -- and knowing my story -- they asked if I'd be interested in sitting down," said Warner, who played for the St. Louis Rams, the New York Giants, and the Arizona Cardinals. "I could be a cheerleader and an encourager and go through some of these things, because I had been there. We all just felt it was a good fit."

Warner famously bagged groceries in between quarterbacking opportunities.

So the producers, realizing his own story dovetailed with the struggles many face on the show, decided to hire Warner.

Watch the former football player explain the show, below:

Warner, in many ways, had to work diligently to get his own second chance at an NFL dream -- one that was inevitably recognized. Like those on the show, his path was one that was colored with hurdles and life troubles, but he inevitably persevered, going on to break football records and make a name for himself.

Considering his own story -- and the show's ability to give both viewers and Warner a firsthand look into the struggles of others who are looking to grab hold of the American dream -- TheBlaze asked what the most rewarding and intriguing part of the experience has been.

For Warner, the most interesting part of filming was seeing in others what once existed in himself.

"Everyone one of them had aspects that touched me -- just because I had been through it and seen it," he said of the contestants' struggles. "Some individuals facing the fear that they weren't capable, [that] they didn't have what it takes. They were always looking for excuses because there was the chance to fail."

Here's a clip that provides an inside look at one of the women depicted on the show:

And while Warner, also a prominent Christian, noted that "The Moment' "isn't necessarily an overtly Christian show," the program's central theme about second chances does corroborate and operate in conjunction with a message of faith and redemption.

As for his own life, Warner said that he has seen God work in mysterious ways.

"My life's an example of what can be done when you mix your belief in work effort and God's grace and power," he said.

Despite the personal shortcomings that every individual has, Warner believes God can help transform life situations. But he also cautions that people must be willing to examine at their own hearts -- and minds -- to stay motivated. Rather than avoiding challenges, the host said it's important for people to walk through whatever doors God might open.

"A big part of what I've learned is that God can do amazing things wherever our shortcomings or limitations are," he said. "God's there to step in and do more with me than anyone expected. If you stay focused on what God presents in front of you...stay prepared...whatever you do, be great at it."

Viewers can catch the premiere of "The Moment" tonight on USA Networks at 10 p.m. ET (or 10 p.m. PT / 9 p.m. CT).


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