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MSNBC host sees silver lining in Obama bad game


Having a lousy shot and going 2-for-22 is a good thing, MSNBC's Toure argued on Thursday, because it means the president is busy "working on the problems of the nation."

Predictably, SE Cupp's sides were splitting.

But then Toure went on to stake his own "theory" as to why people were so critical of the president's basketball (under)performance: It's Bush's fault.

“George W. Bush was such an embarrassment, filled with the malapropisms, filled with the anti-intellectualism, apart from the completely failed presidency – foreign and domestic – that the Republicans feel this deep need to redeem the failed presidency of George W. Bush and they will attack Obama for any little tiny thing, trying to make him seem as bad as George Bush actually was.”

Just, wow.  Whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess.


And, in case you missed it, Glenn -- who admittedly has “absolutely no skill in sports whatsoever” -- managed to best the president and went 6-for-22 earlier this week.  See the video of Glenn's skillz after the jump!

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