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Dem. Tries to Remove These Passages From Senate Resolution Honoring Thatcher, Later 'Caves



New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez tried to remove the following passages from a senate resolution honoring the late Lady Margaret Thatcher:

  • Whereas Baroness Margaret Thatcher in 1984 survived an assassination attempt by the Irish Republican Army in Brighton, United Kingdom, and declared that ‘‘all attempts to destroy democracy by terrorism will fail’’...
  • Whereas Baroness Margaret Thatcher in 1982 led United Kingdom efforts to liberate the Falkland Islands after they had been invaded and occupied by the Government of Argentina...
  • Whereas Baroness Margaret Thatcher in 1983 supported the deployment of United States nuclear cruise missiles at United Kingdom bases and the deployment by the United States of short-range nuclear missiles in Europe when there was stiff opposition to her doing so...
  • Whereas Baroness Margaret Thatcher defended United Kingdom sovereignty within the European Economic Community...

Now why would Sen. Menendez try to remove these references? Well, according to the Weekly Standard, the Democrat senator apparently felt that they were "too supportive of Thatcher."

Anyway, Sen. Menendez ultimately agreed ("caved"?) to leave the resolution as is, according to a senate source for the Standard:

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