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What You Said: Blaze Readers Respond to Boston Marathon Attack


"America is strong. Boston is strong. In these dark times, we must remain united against the forces of evil and hate."

Children hold U.S. flags during a candlelight vigil at Victory Park on April 20, 2013 in Watertown, Massachusetts. (Photo: Getty Images)

Children hold U.S. flags during a candlelight vigil at Victory Park on April 20, 2013 in Watertown, Massachusetts. (Photo: Getty Images)

The nation suffered a horrendous attack earlier this week when explosions detonated at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three and wounding at least 180 others.

Blaze readers, like the rest of the country, responded with a mixture of emotions.  Predominantly, though, you reminded people to have hope, and pray for those involved.

Here is how some of you reacted in the aftermath of the explosions:


Fellow Blazers,
Lets not loose sight of what happened here in Boston just minutes ago. Innocent American Citizens lost their lives, the extent we do not know. Though I agree with many of the comments making light of the current political state of our nation, I just feel we need to stay above the fray and honor those whose lives have been tragically snuffed out. Obviously, we don’t know the details but all we need to know is fellow Americans are now dead. Let us, for honor and dignity, stay away from the political polarization that plagues our nation today and remain compassionate and mindful of those families whose lives are now forever changed. Godspeed America


As a marathon runner, this is horrendous. If such explosions can happen in Boston, with all the police & fire presence , then it can happen in the smallest of marathons, any size really.

Our prayers go out to the injured.

Think about all those races in your communities–the 5K, the walk-a-thons, the 10k, the run for this cause/disease, track events for high schools. These explosions really should give cause for concern.

Vigilance and prayers are what is needed.


My prayers go out to all the hurt and injured and for the families that are affected by this cowardly act.


Prayers please – for the folks, families, been training all year, out for a truly awesome time on a beautiful day, and get blown up. By someone who has no regard for life or freedom or anything. Twisted, in-human, coward. Prayers for him as well. What kind of hate-filled upbringing he must have had to do this.


Such a sad day. It appears that many of the victims were children. Many families there to watch their loved ones finish a once in a lifetime personal victory, and instead witnessing or becoming victims of this horrible tragedy.


Can we forget political agenda and just pray for these folk?


The worst brings out the best in some people. There will always be people who flee and those that take action. I only hope that if ever called upon I would be one who takes action.

I am glad these people were there to help.


These people best exemplify the kind of Americans we should strive to be: selfless, willing to help those in need, willing to throw all caution to the wind in order to preserve life.

God bless them all.


Thanks, Blaze. As Fred Rodgers used to say (quoting his mother), when there’s a tragedy, look for the helpers. There are always people who rush to aid others in a tragedy.

The National Anthem at the Bruins game and the cowboy hat-wearing hero were also the subjects of heartfelt comments.

Commenters wrote:


Man, I *needed* to see that. It brings hope to my heart that the American Spirit still shines.

The Jewish Avenger

A wonderful reminder that true “Patriots” still live in Massachusetts. Proud moment…


Great night here in our city. America is strong. Boston is strong. In these dark times, we must remain united against the forces of evil and hate.

On the Cowboy Hat wearing man helping victims


WOW! When it gets down to bedrock, we patriots are all peace activists too! Being an activist in the truest sense does not mean a pacifist. Those who suffer much are capable of loving much when they discover their purpose. God bless you man, and my hat is off for you and yours.


Carlos is a true hero, his son gave his life in service for our country and Carlos continues the selfless service…God bless this man and all others that jumped in to help out the injured… Please pray for all those affected by this terroristic act. May the mighty fist of American rage crush the perpetrators and all that were of any assistance to this cowardly act.


Angels come in all forms both human and spiritual and this man took time to help others. God Bless and my thoughts and prayers are for all in Boston injured, the friends and families of those that died and for all the other angels. I hope the guilty do not find a night of peace and that they are found or give up as soon as possible.


Near the end of the video, you see a few of our Military men running in to help. The first time I watched this, I felt great comfort the minute I saw those guys in their uniforms, running up there, pulling down the fence, etc. I can’t explain it, I just felt as if everything would be alright, as soon as I saw those uniforms of our American Soldiers.

This is what Mr. Arredondo’s son died for. I know it is difficult for him because he is the one who must shoulder that loss and carry it in his heart. But for me.. I love his son, and others like him who have the courage to stand and fight, to serve their country, so people such as myself can feel safe and secure everywhere. It’s hard to express.. All I can say is, how I love and cherish our Military, and how grateful I am for people like Mr. Arredondo’s son!

I pray God will comfort him and all parents like him, with the peace of knowing their child did NOT die in vain and there are people out here in America who cherish them and their sacrifice with utmost reverence and gratitude!



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