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Bernard Golberg takes aim at 'unreliable sources' in Boston bombings


A sideshow to the Boston terrorist bombings has been the several misreports made by different media outlets, including the New York Times, the New York Post and, most memorably, CNN.

While many critics are pointing out sloppy reporting, Fox News contributor Bernard Goldberg is laying a hefty portion of the blame on the sources who he says "needed to feel like they were in on the action."

Goldberg writes on his website:

FBI sources on the scene, the ones who knew the most, clammed up early.  They weren’t sharing what they knew with the media.  So reporters had to depend on other sources who wanted to be in the loop, even though they weren’t.  These incredible sources needed to feel like they were in on the action so they passed along whatever they had –rumors, gossip, unreliable stuff they picked up on the grapevine —  to journalists anxious for any crumb they could get. ...

Reporters will want to believe what their sources tell them.  And there’s a 100 percent chance a lot of the information will be dead wrong, again.  And a crucially important American institution will lose yet more of its precious credibility while the unreliable sources get off easy.


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