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Yet Another Controversial Cartoon on the Deadly Texas Fertilizer Explosion


"How will we rebuild?"

The Sacramento Bee last Thursday published a “shocking” cartoon featuring side-by-side images of Republican Gov. Rick Perry boasting of the state’s “booming” business and the deadly explosion, TheBlaze’s Jason Howerton reported:

(Sacramento Bee/Jack Ohman).

And even though the Gov. Perry editorial was not well received, the Sacramento Bee cartoon isn’t alone in its take on the West tragedy.

Syndicated editorial cartoonist Matt Davies last week published his take on the deadly West, Texas, explosion that claimed the lives of at least 15 people and injured hundreds more. And it's just now grabbing headlines. Here it is:

Matt Davies-Tribune Media Services.

The cartoon, published last Friday, features a desolate landscape ravaged by the effects of the fertilizer plant explosion. A character wearing a “Business” button is asked how the town will rebuild.

“However we please!” the “Business” character responds.

In the background there is a smoldering sign that reads: “Welcome to West Texas: Land of Few Onerous Anti-Business Regulations.”

The cartoon’s message is clear: The Lone Star State’s emphasis on easing business regulations is directly related to (if not completely responsible for) the deadly blast.


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