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I'm Very Pro-Life': Musician Opens Up About His Views on Abortion, Compares It to Holocaust
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I'm Very Pro-Life': Musician Opens Up About His Views on Abortion, Compares It to Holocaust

"I just feel like I need to speak up for those that can't speak."

Danylo Fedoryka (Photo Credit: Scythianmusic.com)

Scythian is a band that has been regularly praised for its eclectic sound. And, beyond the music, there's something else worth noting: One of the group's members has repeatedly shown himself willing to boldly move against the ideological flow that colors the majority of today's entertainment industry. In an interview with World Magazine, Danylo Fedoryka, 34, a vocalist who also plays the accordion and rhythm guitar, spoke openly about his pro-life perspective.

But before we get too deeply into that, let's take a quick look at Scythian. The band, based in Washington, D.C., has a robust, eight-year history and five albums under its belt, with World's Warren Cole Smith describing the collective as "a phenomenon." While the group is certainly not your average, run-of-the-mill, top 40 musical ensemble, it regularly plays for audiences comprised of thousands of fans.

As for Fedoryka, he doesn't just speak openly about his pro-life views. He also plasters them all over his guitar case, with numerous stickers that read "Pro-Life" standing out for onlookers to observe. In an interview with Smith, the musician provided a candid review of his views on abortion and life. When asked about the guitar stickers, Fedoryka explained their meaning.

"I'm very pro-life for several reasons. For one, if my mom had not been pro-life, there's a high likelihood I wouldn't be here," he said. "I'm the eighth of 10 children, and she was a concert pianist. If you're a concert pianist, you know, you have your career. So she'd probably want only one or two children if she hadn't been so committed to her family and to life."

Fedoryka went on to note that his large family taught him the value of life at a early age and that his brothers and sisters were major assets in his life. But beyond his own experience, the Scythian guitarist made it clear that he believes babies are innocent in the womb -- and that they deserve protection.

"A lot of people talk about the reasons [they are pro-abortion] but they forget about the child," he continued.

Fedoryka went on to make an intriguing comparison, noting that his grandfather was a freedom fighter in World War II -- and that he was inevitably placed into Auschwitz. He survived the plight, but the experience and the story that it generated has profoundly impacted the musician's views on life.

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"Just the fact that one group of people was able to say that another group of people weren't, in fact, people at all. … There's a lot of similarity to what's going on today," he continued. "They're saying, 'Oh it's a fetus, not a person.' So it really hits close to home in more than one way for me, and I just feel like I need to speak up for those that can't speak."

Despite these strong views, Fedoryka said that Scythian isn't a political band and that music is intended to touch individuals' souls rather than transform their political persuasions. His intention isn't to be overtly political, but to reach out to people through his music. The stickers, he says, are a conversation piece that draws people to him.

"It's not to be belligerent or 'out there'; it's a silent witness and that's my purpose for having those stickers on there," said Fedoryka. "And for the most part, if people find out, they just admire the fact that I stand for something that I believe in."

While his views certainly differ from mainstream contentions in the entertainment world, TheBlaze recently documented other well-known pro-lifers in the industry. Read the entire Fedoryka interview here.

(H/T: World on Campus)


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