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Will a Deteriorating Relationship With Mexico Stunt Border Security and Immigration Reform?

Enrique Pena Nieto

President Barack Obama will be in Mexico this week to meet with new Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. The summit comes as America's southern neighbor has moved to curtail access to U.S. security agencies in the battle against drug trafficking and organized crime. The New York Times reports that the new Mexican administration's approach to corroboration with U.S. Intelligence has rattled American officials, who say the changes have been made by Mexico to minimize American involvement and manage only the image of violence as opposed to confronting it with clear strategies.

The dynamic of a deteriorating relationship with Mexico comes as Congress is trying to formulate and pass its most comprehensive new policy to immigration and border security. On 'Real News' Wednesday the panel discussed the negative impact that changing the U.S./Mexico approach to the War on Drugs could have on border security, and why the relationship between the North American neighbors is not what it used to be. If improving border security looks less likely, could that be the “trigger” to downfall of immigration reform in this session? Is Mexico's new approaches to the Drug War something we should learn from? Watch a clip from Wednesday's show below:

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