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Is Obamacare and 'Gang of 8' Immigration Reform Bill Packed With the Same Flaws?


Washington has spent the last few weeks analyzing the Senate 'Gang of Eight' comprehensive immigration reform bill. Addressing a broad, yet undisputed to be critical issue, the bill clocks in at nearly 900 pages and has drawn comparisons the signature legislation of the president's first term -- the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act (Obamacare).

On the Heritage Foundation's Foundry blog Thursday, Amy Payne lays out in detail five ways the immigration bill is like Obamacare: extreme costs, false promises, we'll have to pass it to see what's in it, piles on already broken and broke entitlement programs, and gives perks to special interests.

In an op-ed for The Denver Post, Heritage's Mike Gonzalez writes that while considering this massive immigration reform bill we cannot overlook who we let in and how they assimilate, especially considering the terrorist attack that took place in Boston the day before the bill's release.

We didn't just get lazy and stopped teaching immigrants (and natives) to love America; we decided to stop and made assimilation a dirty word that connoted coercion and loss of ancestral culture. This despite all the evidence that assimilation, as preached and practiced since the nation's founding, was not coercive nor did it demand an end to St. Patrick's Day parades or love of Italian cooking.

Gonzalez joined 'Wilkow!' Friday to discuss the similarities between this immigration reform bill and Obamacare, how they depend on each other, and what economic and social costs could come as a result. Watch a clip from the segment below:

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