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Beck Explains Why Americans Need to Be 'Eternally Vigilant' When it Comes to Government


"The potential always exists" for tyranny.

President Barack Obama told graduating students last weekend at Ohio State University to "reject" those who warn against tyrannical government.

His remarks came on the heels of the National Rifle Association convention, which draws support from conservatives across the country.

So what, exactly, did Obama mean by telling young Americans to relinquish their vigilance?

On his Monday evening broadcast, Glenn Beck took note of the president's divisive comments and said he wanted to, instead, "unite" people on the "few things" that actually bring everyone together: The notion that people can believe in governments while at the same time knowing that they can become corrupt.

Watch below as Beck talks about "eternal vigilance.":

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"Is that why he's [Obama] OK with taking guns away from law-abiding citizens?" Beck asked. "Because we are safe? Or is it something else?"

"The potential always exists" for tyranny, he added.

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