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Biden says gun control takes back seat to immigration reform


In March, Vice President Joe Biden insisted that proposed gun control measures in Congress may have saved the lives of children killed in the Sandy Hook massacre shooting last year. This sort of rhetoric is obviously over-the-top presumptive, but you know Joe...

But if the vice president's arguments were valid, it makes his latest comments all the more intriguing:

Vice President Joe Biden on Monday acknowledged what everyone involved in gun control has been saying privately for weeks: Any votes for expanded background checks must wait at least through the summer while the Senate debates immigration reform.

Biden offered the White House timeline to a group of about 20 representatives from faith-based organizations, three people who attended the meeting told POLITICO.

The vice president’s words mark the first time the White House has revealed a timeline that has been widely discussed among gun control advocates and senior aides to senators who are pushing background checks.

Gee, you'd think that if children's lives were literally on the line, the timing of immigration reform would be irrelevant. The truth is, however, that Biden and other gun control advocates know that no proposed piece of legislation would've saved the innocent victims of Sandy Hook. Instead, the focus now is not on saving lives but on cashing in political capital.

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