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Jesse Watters Confronts Radical Convicted Cop-Killer Hired by Columbia -- and School Security Wasn't Happy


"You can't be in here!"

Fox News' Jesse Watters confronts former Weather Underground radical Kathy Boudin at Columbia (Fox News)

Fox News' Jesse Watters actually managed to track down former Weather Underground radical Kathy Boudin at Columbia University, though she wasn't very talkative. Boudin spent 22 years in prison for her involvement in a 1981 armored-car robbery that left two cops and a Brinks guard dead in Rockland County, N.Y. She was hired by Columbia University's School of Social Work in 2008, five years after she was paroled for her murderous crime.

After trying to make a quick escape and avoid Watters completely, Boudin eventually provided a short statement. "I have nothing but regret for the suffering I caused and I've attempted to lead a life that would express that remorse and regret," she said.

Though the segment called into question her alleged regret by playing a clip of a recent speech at NYU in which she wishes that her co-defendants were out of jail and with her again. Watters said he doesn't believe that Boudin is truly sorry because she has not reached out to the victims with so much as a letter or phone call.

But it didn't take long for campus security to order Watters and his cameraman to leave the "private property" or they would call the police. Almost immediately after the crew confronted Boudin, someone with security was telling them: "You can't be in here!"

"She's shown no remorse for this crime and she's using the college as a soap box to promote her mission to get her husband, who has a 75 year sentence, and other co-defendants out of jail," said retired NYPD officer Arthur Keenan, who survived the 1981 Brinks robbery.

Watters, who also spoke with many Columbia students, later told Bill O'Reilly that most of the students had no idea that the school had hired a radical involved in the deadly robbery. Additionally, he said about 70 percent of the students he talked to supported Boudin teaching at the college.

Watch the segment below:

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