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This Man Is Now Claiming to Be the Real Hero in the Cleveland Kidnapping Case


"I helped her. And I was first."

NewsChannel 5

Who is the real hero in the Cleveland kidnapping case?

As Charles Ramsey was finding every TV camera crew in the Cleveland area to tell his story about the rescue of the three women held captive in a house for almost a decade, another man was quietly saying that he was first on the scene and the real hero.

NewsChannel 5

Angel Cordero lived across the street from Ramsey and the house that held the three women. Local news reports are saying that this 32-year-old man -- who does not speak English -- is claiming to be the first person to respond to Amanda Berry's screams for help. Cordero told NewChannel 5 reporter Stephanie Ramirez (in Spanish):

  • "I helped her. And I was first."
  • “Ramsey arrived after she was outside with the girl,” Cordero said. “But the truth who arrived there, who crossed the street, who came and broke the door, it was me.”

Meanwhile, Charles Ramsey is still the face associated with the rescue of the women. In fact, last night he appeared on CNN's AC360 and spoke with Anderson Cooper about the incident. And for the first time, he mentioned that he had help from another person - naming Cordero.

Aside from this mention of Angel Cordero's participation, Ramsey managed to surprise everyone with a few more details about the startling case and how it was finally exposed.

  • Ramsey actually spoke with one of the suspects, Ariel, just a short time before he rode his bicycle to McDonald's to get his lunch.
  • He considered his neighbor to be "cool...like me and you."
  • He thought the small children seen playing in the yard next door to him were the grandchildren of the homeowner.
  • Both Ramsey and Amanda Berry both called 9-1-1 from different phones - but the operators were not responding quickly enough for him.

Cooper asked him, "Do you feel like a hero?"

"No, no, no, bro...I'm a Christian, I'm an American, I'm just like you. We bleed the same blood. We put our pants on the same way."

Cooper pressed Ramsey on the possibility of cashing in on any rewards that might be waiting for someone who helped solve these cases, asking, "Has the FBI said anything about a reward?" Ramsey didn't blink. He responded:

"I'll tell you what you do, give it to them (the victims). 'Cause, if folks been following this case since last night, and you've been following me, you know I got a job anyway." 

After giving that answer, Ramsey pulled his paycheck from his pants pocket and showed it to Cooper.

Watch the entire Anderson Cooper interview here.

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