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Hm: Why is Michelle Obama getting so chummy with Chris Christie?


Drudge has taken notice...

Glenn even chatted about it today on his radio program.

So what's prompting the first lady to shower New Jersey's Republican governor with praise?  I have a theory...

Chris Christie, despite his current unpopularity with the GOP's most-conservative, could still be a force to be reckoned with in 2016.  My guess is that Democrats know Christie is one of the only Republicans who could take on (and steamroll over) Hillary Clinton in a potential debate match-up.

Call me crazy, but I'm wondering if Dems aren't trying to keep their enemies close on this one... and in the process, help further divide Christie from the GOP's conservative base.  After all, what could be more damning for a GOP presidential hopeful than for his primary opponents to run ads featuring images like this?

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