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Military vet shares troubling higher ed experience with TheBlaze


An interesting note on the state of higher education from my inbox:

I'm currently a student working on my undergraduate degree at Santa Clara University (SCU). SCU is a private Catholic (Jesuit) institution. After having lived in Europe and spent three tours of duty in Iraq, I have a good understanding of global issues. I thought coming to school would broaden my horizons both in business and in liberal arts. Unfortunately, both have been disappointing because of the curriculum taught at this school. We all know that academia leans way left, but the problem is how far it leans and how indoctrinated/polarized graduates are. 
Indoctrination was the norm for the Taliban in Afghanistan and for many places in Iraq under Saddam Hussein.  As Al Qaeda waged unconventional warfare against us in those two countries, we did our best to bring positive change while our enemy continued to oppress the local population.  The left in our country is conducting unconventional warfare in the classroom and our society is losing badly... 
Let me get a bit more specific. Our core curriculum requires students to take courses on social justice. Christianity is used to justify social justice through the redistribution of wealth and property. Most students tacitly agree with professors and make comments that will be approved of. One professor in particular is a devout socialist and anti-war activist who has been arrested numerous times over the years. In the past I would normally speak up and provide an alternate point of view for students which has, in my opinion, negatively affected my grade. This time, I have remained quiet because speaking up hasn't made an impact in the past.
This letter is meant to emphasize the gravity of the situation and that my fellow veterans who are in the same position as I am are having similar experiences around the country. Our education system is in far more peril than most people know and this machine will continue pumping out future business leaders, politicians, and community activists, with a very narrow point of view which will only further harm our country.
Quotes/Lessons from school:
"Justice is the work of redeploying social power and the transformation of the social system."
"Biblical Justice according to Christ, is the redistribution of wealth and property."
"Always call for Revolution."
"It's ok to get arrested for protesting."
"Rich people are very unlikely to go to heaven."
"Salvation is economic redistribution of goods."
"The vulnerable according to scriptures: Widows, orphans, poor now translates into modern day illegal aliens, gays, people in prison, Native Americans, low income earners, etc."
"God's justice is suspicious of the rich."
"Justice > Charity"
Lastly, I want to inform you of a topic most people aren't aware of about the Yellow Ribbon program and how it affects Santa Clara University (SCU). The yellow ribbon program is part of the G.I. Bill which some schools participate in to help veterans pay for college. SCU Undergraduate program offers 5 veterans the opportunity for the yellow ribbon on a first come first serve basis. They pay $8,100 which the VA matches as part of the yellow ribbon, totaling $16,200 per vet, each year. 5 vets at $8,100 a year is $40,500 which Santa Clara pays. I'm telling you this because of a program that SCU and the Society of Jesuits are providing at Santa Clara:
This article from late 2011 highlights the fact that 25 illegal immigrants are given the opportunity to go to Santa Clara University for free. It's 5 students per year until the money allotted by the Society of Jesuits ($1.2 million) runs out. SCU is the only school in the country with this program in place, at least at this high of a level. I find it a bit hypocritical that men and women who gave their blood, sweat, and tears don't get a dime from this University while providing free education to those who aren't citizens.

Editor's note: This post was published with author's express permission.  Do you have a story to share?  Let us know!

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