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Can Conservatives Bring the Tea Party to Minorities and the Inner City?


In the aftermath of a disappointing election season in 2012, the GOP released a report prepared internally that recognized failure of the party to market their ideas effectively in urban areas or with ethnic minorities. Since acknowledging the obvious disparities in support for Republicans that political observers have commented on for decades, it is hard to point to major actions the party as a whole has endorsed to change their standing among groups that have traditional supported demographics.

Amidst a new session of Congress that has been dominated by major attempts for legislative action on hot button issues like gun control and comprehensive challenges like immigration reform, not to mention three scandals that have eclipsed Washington this week, have there been attempts made and progress for the GOP we haven't seen?

Member of The Congress of Racial Equality and Tea Chief Strategist Niger Innis told Wilkow Tuesday that progress has been made for conservatives in urban areas and among minorities, and both the national party and grass roots organizations have put forth a real effort to change the image of conservatism with these groups. Innis says that in his interactions with younger African-Americans, he sees more and more turning away from progressive views; instead recognizing, taking advantage of and defending the economic opportunities now available to them.  Watch a clip from Innis's appearence on 'Wilkow!' below:

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