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Islamic Jihad, Islamic Jihad!: Michelle Malkin Rips Progressives, Clashes With Lib Radio Host Over Islamic Terrorism and the London Machete Attack


"Political correctness in so many ways has been a hand-maiden of Islamic terrorism, not only in this country but in many PC-countries countries around the world."

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin had some tough words for British progressives during an on-air debate last night with television host Sean Hannity and liberal radio personality Leslie Marshall. In discussing the horrific machete attack that left one man dead in London yesterday, Malkin blamed liberals, in part, for facilitating an environment that allows these attacks to occur.

The popular commentator also clashed with Marshall over liberals' purported misuse of semantics when discussing acts of terrorism.

The discussion began with Malkin decrying political correctness and praising British Prime Minister David Cameron for calling the attack an act of terror -- something she said that the Obama administration has been remiss to do in the past.

"Political correctness in so many ways has been a hand-maiden of Islamic terrorism, not only in this country but in many PC-countries countries around the world," she said. "I'm glad that David Cameron spoke bluntly about it, because what do you need to have -- neon lights that say, 'Islamic jihad, Islamic jihad!"

Michelle Malkin and Leslie Marshall clash over Islamic extremism and terrorism Photo Credit: Fox News

Malkin went on to stress the importance of calling terror attacks what they are. The discussion took a turn, though, when she accused British progressives of complicity in the extremist attacks that are unfolding in England. She called the failure on the part of liberals to enact tough policies "tragic."

"Unfortunately, in British culture, among the progressives there, they've brought it on themselves in some ways, because of lax deportation policies -- an unwillingness to screen out and profile Islamic militants who are now doing this in a homegrown manner on British soil," Malkin said.

And that's when Marshall chimed in to respond to these claims.

"Michelle, I really think that it's terrible for anybody to say that any political group in Great Britain or here brought murder upon ourselves. Murderers are murderers. These people are murderers," she responded, going on to dismiss semantic differences, later saying, "What's the difference between a mass murderer and a terrorist?"

Malkin, clearly frustrated by Marshall's question, said that the liberal radio host sounded like Hillary Clinton (she even mimicked Clinton's "What difference does it make?" question from her Benghazi testimony).

The fiery conversation continued, with the conservative commentator claiming that the left plays word games when it comes to Islamic violence.

Watch the fiery exchange, below:

(H/T: Fox News Insider)

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