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Lion Named 'Bonedigger' and Small Dog Make Most Unlikely Companions

Bonedigger and Milo (Image: Barcroft TV/YouTube screenshot)

A 5-year-old male lion at an Oklahoma zoo with the name Bonedigger might sound intimidating, but looks and name can be deceiving. It turns out that he is a real softy, making an unusual friendship with a pack of small, dachshund dogs.

One of them, Milo, even plays personal toothpick, cleaning Bonedigger's teeth.

Bonedigger and Milo (Image: Barcroft TV/YouTube screenshot)

According to a News OK in-depth story, Bonedigger was bottle fed as a cub because he had a calcium deficiency that was crippling to his growth -- hence the otherwise intimidating name. The lion first became friends with John Reinke, a man who lost both legs in a bungee jumping accident and later came to the G.W. Exotic Animal Park where he found comfort helping rescued large animals.

Bonedigger, Reinke and the dogs (Image: Barcroft TV/YouTube screenshot)

While Bonedigger was still a cub he became friends with the dachshunds as well.

Bonedigger and Milo in 2009. (Photo: Nichole Samms)

(Photo: Nichole Samms)

Watch the dogs and Bonedigger interact in this video, which seems to be missing its "Fox and the Hound" Disney theme song:

Here's another feature video from a couple years ago showing Reinke interacting with the animals at the zoo and talking about his relationship with Bonedigger:

(H/T: Daily Mail)

This story has been updated to include more photos courtesy a Blaze reader. 


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