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We're Looking at It Wrong: 'One of the Most Influential People in America' Explains How Culture Really Changes


"We've got to get people thinking about thinking, frankly."

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Bestselling author Andy Andrews explained on TheBlaze TV Tuesday that many of us are looking at society's problems upside down.

Having spoken at the request of four different United States presidents and hailed by the New York Times as "one of the most influential people in America," Andrews has a unique perspective on honor and culture.

In many of the places he speaks, he said, from private corporations to with men in the armed forces, people are concerned about shaping their culture.  They want a culture of hard work, a culture of honor, etc.

But what Andrews asserted is that no matter where you are, you already have an established culture.  While many have big picture ideas to shape or change it, it's actually a much more delicate process, he stated.

People have to change not only their actions and decisions -- they have to change their thinking. 

"Our choices and our decisions are evidence of our decisions, a product of our thinking," he said.

From there, your decisions lead to an action, "even if that action is to do nothing," and those actions lead to results "always and forever."  Those results form a giant ring that spill into and shape your culture.

"We've got to get people thinking about thinking, frankly," he said, because it's not just what you think about, but what you don't think about, that's significant.

Watch Andrews' entire interview on TheBlaze TV for more:

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Beck devoted almost his entire Tuesday program to restoring society's honor, telling moving story about a 94-year-old man whose father was a wagon freighter in the late 1800's.

Do you know the real meaning behind the words "yee" and "haw," or what it meant to return "with bells on"?

Watch the entire segment to find out, below:

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