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Eric Holder has not 'confessed or cried' over investigation of Fox News reporter


Though The Daily Beast reported this week that Attorney General Eric Holder feels a sense of "remorse" over the investigation of a Fox News reporter publishing leaked government information, the New York Times has a conflicting account.

Reid Weingarten, a lawyer and longtime friend of Holder's, told the Times Holder is less remorseful and more so conflicted on the matter.

“He hasn’t confessed or cried to me, that’s for sure," Weingarten said. "What I sense in conversations with him is how horribly difficult the dilemma is when you have this situation. It’s important to get it right, and if we didn’t get it right — and that’s a big if — let’s button up the process now.”

Holder is set to meet with the heads of some news organizations to discuss the DOJ's policies on investigating leaks. The Times' executive editor has said the paper will not attend, citing the meeting's off-the-record precondition.


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