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One of the Most Unlikely People Came to Michele Bachmann's Defense Yesterday


"Occasionally you have to call a nut a nut -- and this woman is a bit of a nut."

It's not every day that an MSNBC host defends Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann. But on Wednesday, this is exactly what unfolded when Chris Hayes made some intriguing comments about how the left treats the Minnesota congresswoman.

"People call Michele Bachmann crazy a lot -- people on our side, broadly -- and it always drives me crazy a little bit because I just feel like that word has this kind of dismissive venom to it that doesn’t grapple seriously with someone who just has a set of beliefs," the host said to his panelists, Joan Walsh and Dan Savage.

Naturally, the two guests disagreed with Hayes, noting that Bachmann has made some controversial statements in the past that may warrant the label.

"Occasionally you have to call a nut a nut -- and this woman is a bit of a nut," said Savage, who has also come under fire for controversial comments of his own. "And not a bit of a nut. She's a lot of a nut."

While Hayes didn't openly agree with this statement, he did say that Bachmann is a figure that the left loves to dislike.

"There is something about her as villain that was, for a certain period of time, I think still is, massively compelling to people," he noted, agreeing that Bachmann has said some things that are "so far out there."

Still, his defense is curious and worth noting.

Watch the clip, below:

(H/T: Mediaite)



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